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Specials - Buy any bottle of wine & get $5 off any pizza (good through 4/30) or $6 cheese pizza + $1 each topping (good through 3/31)


1-21-20 Wing Wednesday started in January and was going through end of March. Ladies and Gents I am eating too many wings on Wednesday! I'll try for two more weeks (till end of January) and if the sales don't pick up we will move onto something else. Thursday we have tacos $1 soft or hard atleast through March.

12/19/19 OMG 2020 is knocking on the back door!  New Year's Eve Brunch 11am to 2pm open till 5pm. Reserve seats! Call Dani 419-577-0242

12/3/19 I would like to try "Wing Wednesday" throughout the winter months. Typically we are only open till 8pm but that can change depending on outcome! Kitchen is going great! We are still very excited to continue to offer our new cheesecakes! Yes, i learned how to make homemade cheesecake, different varieties and people love them!

10/28/19 What a crazy month! The pizza seems to be a big hit! We are trying new items weekly to see what is good for our customers. Nothing really was givin a bad wrap (so to speak). So, we will continue offering great tasting foods!

10/9/19 Last week we introduced the pesto pizza and it seemed to be a big hit! This week we'll try a taco pizza with Chicken Bacon Ranch Penne Pasta coming up on the 18th and bread sticks on the 25th. Stop out and have some great tasting foods! All other items are also available on the menu

10/2/19 Ok, we've been in the new kitchen since 9/17! This is truly a different work space. We opened up the Brick Oven Pizzas on 9/20 & are nearing 100 pizzas sold! I know that's not much but I hear they all enjoy them! We will start introducing our specialty pizzas and some pastas over the next couple of months!

9/17/19 WOW! We moved to new kitchen & it's so different! 

9/11/19 We moved into the new kitchen last Sunday!! We have a couple issues we need to work out but we are there & will continue to strive to get it to 100%! Pizza is planned for National Pepperoni Pizza day 9/20 so join us to try it out!

9/4/19 It's been some time....but I think we will move to the new kitchen this upcoming week! Final inspection is this friday. So, keeping fingers crosssed we hope to be in there next week. Pizzas are in the works for the following week. Soft opening on 9/20 for pizza serving only cheese and pepperoni pizza for National Pepperoni Pizza Day! On 9/21 for our Fall Fest we will try to expand the menu for pizza and include some pastas.

6/1/19 We are going to do SUMMER HOURS till the end of August. Wed 3p-8p, Thurs 3p-9p, Fri 1p-10p, Sat 12p-11p, Sun 12p-6p

4/19/19 Our  Sip  N  Shop is 4/28 2-5  and  there  are a  few  here  that  would  enjoy  you  stopping  by  and  shopping  their  items!  You  can  enjoy: Jordan  Essentials with  Sandy,  Buskin  Leggins with  Ali,   Chloe &  Isabel  with  Peggy, Chalk Couture  with  June,  Mary  Kay with  Mindy, and  Deanna  with Chair Massage!

4/9/19 It appears our blog hasn't been updating each month - we are sorry for that ( swear I have been putting something down) Anyway, we have lots coming up with taco buffet, sports trivia nights, Peach Cobbler Day, scrabble night, a Sip & Shop on the 28th & Prime Rib Day! We are hoping to have our new kitchen open by June 1 to get the summer kicked off right! I believe that's when he would like to get the old kitchen turned into seating! We are on our way to some changes! We also have a new wine called Beach'n which is a Chardonnay and Peach wine blend. Very tasty!

4/4/19 we finally got the bathrooms done in the new section and the grease trap done in the kitchen. Now, we are off to the brick oven routing of fan! I'm sure we will be done soon!

11/25/18 It's been a couple months and the year is flying by! We had several juice deliveries and pick-ups to do, empty tanks for new juice coming in, and pretty much that's the past two months! We are starting on our project again. Denny got a bathroom door up yesterday and is getting ready to do the tile in the new bathrooms on the walls. Once those rooms are done we can get some "furniture in there" (haha toilets, sinks, mirrors). If you've been to  the winery you've seen we have all the kitchen equipment in and that's looking fantastic! Holiday hours - Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve we will be open 12p-5p. Be safe and enjoy your holidays with Friends and Family!

, 9/24/18 WOW I have some pretty crazy imagination….after reading the last post we still don't have the bathroom fixtures's juice's fall, as with other wineries, everything else gets put on hold!

7/5/18 We are playing around with these cute little 187 ml bottles. I will have a Riesling Ice Wine available next weekend to sell through our retail store. None chilled for awhile. Also, note we have our kitchen floors just about done and the plan is to get some equipment into the kitchen on Sunday and bathroom fixtures installed next week. We are moving along! Thank you for your patience!

5/16/18 The Ohio Wine Competition results are in: We got a DOUBLE GOLD!! Due Vino Miscela

The following got Silver:

Gewurztraminer, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, 

Strawberry, Hillbilly Watermelon, and "He Said She Said"

The following got Bronze:

The Locals and Frontenac Gris

This is very exciting! 6 of those have not won awards in the past. Different batches each year allows us to continue to enter and see where they stand! Thank you for your continued support!

4/6/18 Dani's One Hit Wonder has been a great thing for those who also want to make wine at home and may just not know where to start. From making these here at the winery I've had several want to learn to make wine at home and am offering classes starting end of April. If you are interested I've posted the dates and times on our calendar. Check them out and call me to get registered. Ph 419-577-0242

2/15/18 No updates on the kitchen....ugh! Our Couples Night Outing went over as a big hit!! We had a great time and our Bus driver was really nice! We may try to do this again in the future. Dani's One Hit Wonder is a Green Apple Riesling and will be ready around 3/22!

2/6/18 Guess it'll be a bit longer on the "grand opening". Gosh this work all takes such time when you are doing most of it yourself! I believe this weekend some of the kitchen flooring will be put down, everything is painted and the new bar area is ready to have the sink moved over. We do need to do the bar top though. There are lots of little things plus a couple big things that will need to be done yet. Anyway, we are getting there!

1/9/18 We are going to do something a bit different, we are going to do a winery/brewery tour and top it off with a dinner at Bone Boyz BBQ on 2/10 for Valentines Day. I'm so excited I just can't wait!! Updates on the addition: Just started painting the kitchen, bathrooms and hallway!! Maybe another month yet!

1/1/18 We no longer accept Huron County Chamber Gift Certificates. Get your gift certificates directly through us. Call me to purchase and I'll even  mail to you if needed!

12/30/17 As we  come into the  new year we want you to know we have a new kitchen that should be open soon. We have struggled with the "Bring your own food in"  because we've always allowed and encouraged our guests to do this. But, we do have a large selection of foods currently, and with the addition opening we will have even more. As we grow we will add more  gluten free items to our menu. Currently, we have our Nacho Platter as gluten free. 

12/1/17 We are no longer shipping wine. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope you will stop in to see us and get your favorite wines!

10-25-17 Yes, I know not on here much! So busy at Winery! We had our Annual Fall Fest this year in September - was a fantastic turn out! We had 30 vendors of all sorts, including lots of crafts and nifty ideas! In early October we had a Murder Mystery "80's Tragedy" by The Murder Mystery Company out of Detroit. As usual it was a very fun night and with a full house + a party in the pavilion we were quite busy and had loads of fun! Coming up we have our Annual Halloween Bash with a Psychic Reader Mrs Star from Sandusky from 6-9 on 10/28 and I'm providing homemade Roasted Pumpkin Soup to go along with any D&D wines! Costume contest award given at 10pm. 11/5 We have a Fall Fun Day with Vendors and foods from Cocoa Exchange. Soon our kitchen will be open and we will announce a celebration in the near future.

​8-15-17 We have a new wine under our brand name called "Dani's One Hit Wonder" and it will be made out of kits about every 6 weeks! Dani is making these to show how easy it is to make wine at home! For those who want to make wine follow along with my progress on making it! Also, if you want to learn how to make these give me a call. Classes will start in January and we'll make a batch together! Got a special date coming up or want to make someone a unique gift? Try making wine with a special label right at home! As always, you may call me anytime 419-577-0242.

8-14-17 We got some new stuff coming up - check out our calendar page for more information on: Our Fall Fest with Northcoast K9 doing a presentation on their dog instruction and chicken dinners! Also, the first Thursday each month we do chair massage and Pizza Buffet! Seems to be doing well the past couple months! Outside Yoga! WHAT? Yep, we're going to give it a try! 80's Tragedy Murder Mystery...WOOT WOOT! Mrs. Star will join us for an evening of fun with Psychic Readings and Tarot Cards with our annual Halloween Party! Bus tour including wine, beer, cheese, and lots of Christmas Lights!!

​​5/22/17 We found out today we won 6 awards at the Ohio Wine Competition this year! He Said She Said got a Gold, Maple City, Crooked House, and Riesling all got a Silver, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere got Bronze! We are proud to offer these to you throughout 2017 and have much to look forward to in the future!

1/22/17 We had a great day today with our 9 year open house!! Fantastic turn out! Thank you all for coming out for tours, appetizers, and try out our new wines and award winning wines!

1/17/17 Hello All! We got some fun stuff coming up with murder mysteries, history comedy, euchre tourney, wine and canvas events and much more! Check out our calendar for dates and fun information! Our Chocolate Martini's have been a big hit! Try one out!

12/28/16 We tried out our new panini machine on Monday!! We made grilled cheese sandwiches with mozzarella, tomato and basil, one with American cheese with sweet thin sliced pickles, on rye bread and texas toast. They were all delicious! We also tried our hand at making quesadillas! They were fantastic! We made one with fajita chicken and one with 3 cheeses. WOW! We'll see what we can do this weekend and go from there in the future!

12/14/16 New for 2017 We are having a different mixed drink specialty each month. Check out our schedule to find out more!!

11/16/16 OMG it's been quite a fast moving year!! Our addition is moving a bit slowly but we're determined it will get done! We've had some great times with the Murder Mystery Company with the 1920's evening recently! Our hours throughout the winter will remain the same since changed in June 2016. We do have specials periodically. Check out our Google + info for the ads.

                                       Hours June 2016 - Wed 1p-5p, Thurs 1p-9p, Fri 1p-10p, Sat 12p-11p and Sun 12p-6p

Harvest Blend Wine Slushies are available now through October anyway! They're made of wonderful Apple-Cinn and Pumpkin Wines and they are delicious!!

Getting Ready for the Fall Fest coming up this Saturday 10-1-16

Coming up 10-1-16 is our annual Fall Fest - We got chicken dinners by Ben Martin to include 1/4 Chicken, Potato, Green Beans, Rolls and Butter for $9.75 each, some fun games such as Wine Tasting Competition, Grape Shot Target Shoot, Corn Hole, and others - family friendly where possible, Vendors across the property - as we get closer I'll get a list posted.

7/18/16 - OK - I've not put much up here lately..... Sorry about that to you all!! Here's what's happening with the addition:  We got the basement in last year and the building up on top of it (soon to be kitchen and pavilion). Our next step is to get the electric ran for the basement and move some tanks and production over to the new area. Once we get all this set up we will offer small tours so everyone can see what we're doing. I am estimating late fall 2016 for the basement and sometime this winter on the new kitchen. The new kitchen will offer pastas, homemade breads, thin pizzas, and some of our current menu also. Appetizers may change up a bit but we'll always have your cheese tray!

9/1/15 D&D Smith Winery now has available wonderfully scented wine candles that match our wines - 10 are currently available and seem to be a big hit!

We broke ground Thursday August 12th 2015! We have an addition of a larger basement for production/storage, a ground floor to include a kitchen, and a pavilion to the drive way! We will remain open throughout this process. Stop in and check out our progress from time to time.

8/3/15 we do have our project finally starting 8/14. It may take some time so bare with us please. We will be at the Wedding show in November at the Huron County Fairgrounds- check out our new ideas for your weddings for 2016. We had too much water this spring and summer....I think we are on a good time-frame to try to get most of the project enclosed for the winter months. We will continue to be open throughout the year!! We have 5 new wines coming out over the next 2 months: Cherry, Peach, Sangiovese, a no name (blended dry wines) and one we were told it was a certain type of juice but it doesn't taste, smell or look like it! So, we are calling it "He Said, She Said"!!!! Stop in when it's ready to taste and let us know what your thoughts are! It does taste like blackberry with a twist of some other flavors but it's not what we  Still tastes great!   See you soon!

5/20/15 Our building permit is ok'd by Norwalk and will have from Richland County in next couple weeks!!! So exciting! Don't think we're closing up to do this work, or that we won't have seats, or that the construction will be too loud or dirty - we love our customers and will make this a great transition for us all!  We also have our new Cran Apple wine! This is a light blush in color and a medium sweet wine with lots of taste! Try it out on your next visit to D&D!

We have Great Lakes Beer at the winery as of 5/7/15.

We are changing the hours just a bit. Standard hours on Thursday 6-9 but change Friday to 4p-10p and Saturday from noon to 11p, standard for Sunday noon to 5pm. Starting first weekend in May 2015.


Hello! This is March and as you can tell I don't keep up with my blog so much! Anyway, the plans are done for the expansion, beer is also on the way in late April, and the architect is ready to send off prints to the parties that be..... Yes, this is a project that will take some time. We are excited for this change and will post pics here as well as on Facebook when we have more changes. I got to say our wine slushies haven't died down much for the winter! Our Cherry Pomegranite slushie is moving fast. This spring has come so fast we didn't get the green in for March! We'll be changing it up soon though. HEY - EUCHRE TOURNAMENT April 4th at 7pm here at the winery! $15 gets game and munchies - Winner gets prize! Remember every 3rd Thursday is Ladies Night! Check out calendar for different things happening!

Welcome to the New Year for 2015! Today is January 10th. We want to thank all our Groupon customers! Thank you for taking the time to visit a new winery for you and your loved ones, and for allowing us to make your time here with us fun and unforgettable! We look forward to some changes here at the winery in 2015 and hope you follow us on facebook to see the changes happening for you and all our customers who come visit us! Stop back again soon! Don't forget we got the new Sangria now available "yes! in a bottle!"

We are excited for the upcoming 2015 year! We have a small expansion project that will start in the spring! Yes, we'll add a bit more foods to the menu with a brick oven pizza, fresh breads, rolls, salads, and eventually a pavilion off the side of the winery too!   Yet this year we have a couple entertainers on 12/20 The Repco's, on 12/27 732 The Electric Duo and 12/31 Carlyle Smith. On 12/31 we'll have a "Family Friendly" evening where we're all bringing foods to share (crock pots welcome) and listen to the great tunes of Carlyle Smith - watch the ball fall at midnight on the flat screens! No admission fee - just bring yourselves and a dish to share throughout the evening!  Open 5pm 12/31 till 1am, music at 9pm  
Have a great Holiday Season!

  • What's great  with Turkey??  Pinot Grigio YUM!!!  Chardonnay WOW!! Riesling...OMG!!
  • What's great  with Ham??  Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, on the sweeter  side try Maple City or Simply Sweet!   
  • What's great with Dessert?  Any of our 24 wines but especially Pumpkin, Apple-Cinn and Cranberry wines!

    Open Wednesday 11/26 6p-10 for your holiday favorites!

Coming up Oct 25th we have an Art Show with "Tyra" like no art show I've seen before! Her beautiful window frames are hand-crafted and tell a story with each and every one of them. Along with the Art Show which is 3-5, we'll also have Chicken Dinners by John Roth from 4-7 and Roger Alan entertaining us 8-11p. See you soon!

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who helped us raise funds for The Piggyback Foundation here in Norwalk this past Saturday 9/27/14!! Through your raffle items, money donated, and your patronage that day we were able to raise some well-needed funds for them. Thank you!

Our 4th Annual Fall Fest is going on 9/27 with vendors, warmed Apple-Cinn and Pumpkin wines topped with whipped cream, Burning Brick Oven Pizza 4-8p, D&D's WINE TASTING event $5 entry you'll get 5 samples and you need to guess the wines in the sample cups. 2p, 4, & 6p - you guess all 5 you'll get in drawing at 6pm for the final prize. Raffles throughout the evening, and Repco's for our nightly entertainment! Raffles will benefit the Piggyback Foundation here in Norwalk. Stop out and try our new Hillbilly Sweet Tea and our Vino Java!

Wine Making Kits are available to make at home! $135 includes Primary Bucket, 1-5 gal carboy, Valve Spigot (red), Siphon Kit, Hydrometer, Hydrometer Jar (plastic), Thermometer, Yeast, One Step Cleanser, Spoon, Jumbo Mesh, Acid Test Kit, Carboy Brush, Rubber Bung, Air Lock and beginner Wine Making Book. If you take a wine making class with us you get 10% off this kit. Other items not included but available here to purchase: concentrate, Corks, Labels, Bottles, Corker, capsules, bottle brush, and Chemicals. Call Danielle if you're interested in one of these wine making kits. (419) 577-0242


2016 Article in the Norwalk Reflector


OMG! It's May finally!! You all want to bring out your Moms on May 10th for our Spring fest "Budding of the Grape Vines!" It all starts around 10am and goes through approx. 11pm. We have foods by Circle K Concessions; bbq ribs-full and half racks, burgers, fries, and lots of other choices! They'll be here most of the day. Entertainment starts at 4pm with Minor Adjustments till 7pm and then Roger in the Raw! from 8-11p. Stop out and see all the different vendors out here and celebrate the Budding of the Grape Vines!  We are excited our vines made it through this last season and the buds are coming up!  See you soon! 

The Shamrock Slushies are back! Only for the month of March!

We do have wine candles scented to the flavors of our wine:

Strawberry, Cranberry, Blueberry, The Locals, Gewurztraminer, Pumpkin, Apple-Cinn, Hillbilly Sweet Tea, Cupid and Maple City.
Wine & Canvas event at D&D March 30th, 2014, 12:30-3:30! $35 includes all you need to make a beautiful canvas painting! Purchase a glass of D&D wine upon arrival to make a fun-filled day! Sign up on line at

New for 2014 we started D&D's "Friends with Benefits!" Wine Club. You can do  1 month, 6 month or 12 month membership!  Wine Club! $29.99 a month you get 2 bottles (you can choose or we can offer suggestions), a pairing recipe that will compliment your bottles, 10% off any 12 bottles or more, first notice of new wines and special events, minimum 2 bottles each month. Rules: Free membership, you can leave at any time, must be 21 or older to be a member and to receive the wine, we can only ship to Ohio, and a form must be filled out with credit card information. Give Danielle a call to get started at (419) 577-0242 or fill out the form below and mail into us (it's at the end of this page)
Feb 14 & 15th we have a special throughout the day: $20 gets you a choice of any of our bottles of wine, 2 wine glasses to take home, and 2 choices of desserts. Feb 16th we have WINE GLASS PAINTING WITH VAL! Starts at 2pm. for $15 you get a glass of D&D wine, a large wine glass, and Val's lesson! Call Danielle to sign up!

We have wine making classes starting January 19th, Jan 26th, Feb 23rd and Apr 27th. This is one session to learn how to make wine, what alcohol content you want, how to test the acid level and what tools you can use to make your wine at home. It's $75 and you can bring your spouse at no charge.  You'll be making a batch in a 5 gallon carboy and split up the wine in the end. You'll be a part of the entire process of making the wine. You can also do this alongside the class at home and bring in your questions as we meet each time or call us. Your kit to make at home is around $150. We do also have juice concentrates you can use to make the wine at home. Give Danielle a call to sign up 419-577-0242. Seats are limited.

New Year's Eve is right around the corner! We will have a pot-luck this year for those of you who want to bring in foods to share! We'll be open 8p-1a to bring in the new year with you all. This is always such a nice night whether we're serving prime rib or steaks on the grill or a simple pot-luck to enjoy the foods we each love to share. Stop out and bring in the new year with D&D!

11/27 we have a 4 year celebration happening at D&D for being open to the public for 4 years! Yes, it's  Wednesday but that's ok, we're here to have some fun with you all! Stop out and enjoy some great music by Carlyle Smith. See you soon! 

 This was so much fun for Halloween this year!  Last Saturday 11/2 we had some pretty scary creatures as well as some "law enforcement" (costumes mind you!) and our winners that evening were a couple dress as the night of the living dead. I think that's what Dave and Kelly said!  Congrats to you both and thanks for everyone coming out - it was a blast!

 ok, Today is Jun 20, 2013 and we had a good Thursday night. I thank all the ladies from the Book Club and the ladies that came out from Amherst, Huron, Wakeman and Lorain. You are extraordinary people and I'm glad to have met you all. Just a thought to you all; one of the ladies made a comment about something I've been wanting to do but just didn't know how to get there. That is a Midieval Event. Send me your thoughts on this either through the contact form on this web page or shoot me an email We are interested in doing something in the fall. We'll have to get foods to the same era as well. I'm so excited; i could just go on..... send me a note on what your thoughts are as far as foods, games, competitions, the day's preparation! 

 June 7th Friday we are open 11am to 11pm for the Bike Winery Tour! Hot Dogs and Coney dogs are available till gone! 

Coming Up - Summer Jamboree at D&D!! The planning is set, so far we got a Hog Roast by Bone Boys BBQ (they did a great job in May we'd hope they'd come back!), Janet's Gellato Italian Ice Cream, Entertainment throughout the day: 12:30-3:30 The Repcos, 4:30to 7:30 Open, and 8-11p Zack! we have crafters here that make their own items, and even some antiquers! Put this date on your calendar!
May 11th we entered the Ohio Wine Competition with our Apple-Cinn Wine.  IT WON GOLD! WE ARE SO EXCITED!! In the near future all our bottles will have a little GOLD on them! Too fun! 

 We've got our first Annual Spring Fest "Budding of the Grape Vines!" May 11th from noon to midnight! We're excited to kick off the summer of grapes growing, wine making, and fantastic new flavors of wines at D&D! We'll have nearly 40 vendors, a Hog Roast (food ready 4-7p and serving all day!). Janet's Gelato Ice Cream freshly made for this day! Gotta try some of these awesome flavors she's making for us! Repco's are playing during the day around 4pm-7pm and Tony T is entertaining from 8p-11p. We've got a great day planned, so stop out and have a great time with us! See you soon! 

 Hello! Today is 3/28/13. Happy Easter to all this weekend! This is a bit in advance but I want you to know we are planning a Spring Fest "Budding of he Grape Vines!" at D&D on May 11th. We are looking for food vendors as well as people who want to sell their craft! Call me to sign up.
ALL OF MARCH WE'LL DO THE SHAMROCK SLUSHIE! Don't forget we have A Murder Mystery at a Murder Mystery March 23rd. Still got a few seats left. We filled the house last month and we'll do it again...this is a great show! Enjoy laughter, great foods, and great wines at D&D March 23rd. Call Danielle to book your reservation (419) 577-0242

 Murder Mystery and catered meal at D&D Saturday Feb 2nd doors open 6pm show starts at 7pm. Show called: Murder Mystery within a Murder Mystery! Foods: Boneless Chicken Breast, Cheesy Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad, Bread, Butter and Desert. Each ticket also get a bottle of your favorite D&D wine! Couple is $65 and $35 per person. Call Danielle to reserve your seat (419) 577-0242. Wine Classes coming up too: $75 per participant. Classes are Mar 3, Mar 10, Apr 21 and Jun 2. You will, along with others in the class, make your own batch of wine! You'll learn how to use the Hydrometer, Acid Test Kit, ask questions and learn how to make your wine at home! You will take home 2-3 bottles of wine from the class that you make! Call Danielle to sign up at (419) 577-0242.

 We've had a fabulous year in 2012! Thank you all for continually supporting us. We hope you'll also join us for our New Year's Eve Party! We do have a catered Prime Rib meal 7p-9p,  entertainment by Carlyle Smith 9-? party favors for everyone in the package for $30 pp. Call Danielle to reserve your seat (419) 577-0242. Also, if you wish to come after the meal please feel free to join us anytime. If you want to bring in the new year with us bring something to share after midnight as we're all making some type of breakfast before everyone heads home. Take Care and God Bless you all. Be safe this holiday season!

 OMG! We got lots planned for December! How about a 70's Best Dressed Party 12/15....or the several Christmas Parties we're hosting... or a new acoustic duo The Repcos or.....New Year's Eve with Prime Rib, Entertainment by Carlyle Smith, and everyone donating foods for breakfast!! This is so much fun! Stop out and have some fun with us this month of December!

 We are having a Murder Mystery Oct 27th starting at 6pm for drinks and salads and 7pm for the show. Food is Boneless Chicken Breast, Cheesy Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad, Roll and Butter with Desert. Includes the Show, Dinner, and glass of D & D Smith Winery Wine each! All for $35 per person or $65 a couple. Call Danielle to reserve your seat now!

 Hello Everyone! Today is Oct 3 already! Last weekend was a blast! thanks to all of you who came out to enjoy the first Fall Fest at D & D Smithi Winery! It was beautiful weather, a great day for a relaxing day during the Harvest Moon (Wine Moon) to stop at a winery!
We have our 1st annual Fall Fest at D & D this Saturday the 29th!! We're so excited! We've got more than 30 vendors outside, B & B Chicken BBQ from 4-7p, Gift Basket Raffle, Chicken Dinner Raffle, Unique Deserts using our Pumpkin and Apple-Cin Wines!! Gotta try one! Hope to see you this Saturday and enjoy the day with us!!

 We've got a Chicken Dinner Buffet this Saturday 9-15 from 4:30p-7:30p! For $12 buffet you also get red skin potatoes, cole slaw, green beans, roll and butter. We have Mary with us from 2p-4p with Anti Aging Skin creams and she'll teach us a thing or two we don't know! At 8-11p we have music by Acoustic Scotty! Don't forget we are having our first annual Fall Fest on Sept 29th all day. Lots happening! See calendar for events coming up! Stop out!

 Today is 8/25/12 .... Hello Everyone! We have Tony T out here tonight from 8-11pm. Stop out and listen to the sounds of yesterday! 60's to 80's music is always great to listen to!!  New for September we are going to start having Very-Berry-Licious Slushies and along with our other menu items we'll have Meatball Sub Platters $5. These are starting tonight Aug 25th and will continue for the next couple months anyway. If you're at a football game and want to know where to go to relax after that game stop out for a sub and glass of wine! Our Spaghetti Bowls, Pulled Pork Platter and Shredded Chicken will continue to be available too!

 This has been a fast and crazy summer! Our youngest goes off to college in two weeks (OMG!!) and the winery is coming up on its 3 year anniversary at 401 W. Main St in Norwalk. Seems like yesterday when we were meeting at the winery in the evenings to get work done.  The winery started as a commercial winery January 2008 so actually we're coming up on our "5th Year Winery Celebration"  So much fun! We'll plan something special after the New Year. Keep us in mind throughout these upcoming months when you want to do Bridal or Baby Showers or Rehearsal Dinners or even have a small Wedding at our Winery! We're up for just about anything! Take care and we'll write again soon!

 Last weekend we had a great time with the 5k Fundraiser for The Piggyback Foundation! We want to thank all those who came out to support this cause and volunteered their time to help too! We put a pic or two up on facebook if you want to check them out as the runners were starting "uphill" in 100 degree temps. What troopers! we had plenty of water and thankfully no heat issues other than just being uncomfortable! 

The air conditioning kept up though! Thanks so much to Glen and Maureen Bayless who donated their time being our DJ for the evening!  Thanks to all the local businesses who donated gift certificates and cards and other donations! We raised some funds for a great charity in Huron County. We thank them for being here! Stop out this weekend and check out Carlyle from 8-11p on Saturday!

 We are deep in the planning of our son's graduation party (june 30), also planning our July 7th fund raiser for the Piggyback Foundation. Donations are tough this know! If you are a business that provides a service or would like to raffle something off give me a ring. Normally, we get the 5k off then do some awards and then raffles throughout the evening. Economy...... I keep trying though!! Carlyle Smith is back at the winery this weekend! Stop out to hear some great tunes 8-11pm.

 Thanks to Mick and Ed for entertaining us last Saturday night!  Sorry I missed you guys. Our son graduated from H.S. and we were doing a little celebrating too!!  Shannon took great care of you I hear! Thanks again and we'll miss you in the future. Dave Lester is visiting us this weekend! He's got great tunes from yesterday and today! Don't forget we're open all day Friday due to Bike Week Winery Tour 10am to 11pm and will still have the sketti dinner!  we'll have Hot Dogs and Coney Dogs too! Saturday it's Pulled Pork, Pickle and chips $5.00. We're excited for the weekend!! Hope to see you here!

 Today is May 30th and we've had a great last two and a half years! We want to thank all of you for your continued support in this journey! We're going to start a new "NEWS" log here and add to it each week!

 A highlight of what we've been doing over the last couple years: We have Spaghetti Dinners every Friday night 6-8pm $5 pp, We have had entertainment each Saturday 8-11pm (check out calendar for who's here!), We've taught around 75 people to make wine in our wine classes held at D & D, We've done some Mystery Dinner Evenings with The Shoestring Players and Random Acts and have had a great time with them! We've had Rehearsal Dinners, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Reunions, 30th, 40th & 50th Surprise Parties. We've had ladies come out and provide their food and or skill at makeup and massage7/5/18 We are playing around with these cute little 187 ml bottles. I will have a Riesling Ice Wine available next weekend to sell through our retail store. None chilled for awhile. Also, note we have our kitchen floors just about done and the plan is to get some equipment into the kitchen on Sunday and bathroom fixtures installed next week. We are moving along! Thank you for your patience!7/5/18 We are playing around with these cute little 187 ml bottles. I will have a Riesling Ice Wine available next weekend to sell through our retail store. None chilled for awhile. Also, note we have our kitchen floors just about done and the plan is to get some equipment into the kitchen on Sunday and bathroom fixtures installed next week. We are moving along! Thank you for your patience!

We Opened January 2008

Coming up on 10 year anniversary January 2018!!